Product Description – CUP TEA

Patented Cup Tea Introduction-

1. Cup Tea is an exclusive patented product. The design concept of cup tea being able to prepare and drink tea in a very convenient manner. 

2. Cup Tea is disposable, the cup and tea is integrated, a environmentally designed filter keep tea-leaves and tea liquid separated. So there is no need to prepare the tea and separate cup, just pour the water, add your milk or sweetener if desired, then enjoy a cup of tea, many varieties are an option.

3. Food grade material, no chemical production. Innovative, convenient, eco-friendly and healthy.

4. Our products are warmly received by customers across domestic and international markets.

How to Enjoy our Cup Tea?

Warm tips as with any hot drink be careful.

Cup Tea Application Places

Business Reception


Train Station and Airport

Family Reception

Church Service morning/afternoon tea

Office Use and Hotel Use.

Coffee Shop and Tea Room